Tool Repairs

We pride ourselves on being the experts in the field of repairs & maintenance for Taping Tools & Drywall Sanding machines. Our qualified technicians have a wealth of experience in this field and are probably some of the most knowledgeable in the industry.

The team can help with all technical questions and will offer as much support and advice as they can.


Why we recommend servicing your Taping Tools & Drywalls Sanders:

  • Regular maintenance keeps your tools up and running, generating profit for your company.
  • Maintenance of tools reduces down time due to breakages.
  • Lubricating the tools regular helps the tool run smoothly reducing unnecessary wear and repair costs.
  • Tools serviced and maintained regular produce a quality finish that requires no additional work.
  • We also offer spare parts ex-stock for all leading brands of Taping Tools & Drywall Sanding machines for next day delivery.

You can use our collect and deliver service for returning your tools to us. Just download the form, complete and send to us, we will the arrange the rest.

For further details contact our Service department on 0800 0886 739.

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