Ceiling Grid


Libra Systems is a versatile cold rollforming company manufacturing high quality steel sections, predominantly for the ceiling and drywall market sector. Founded in 1967 the company has gained widespread expertise and product knowledge through developing close ties with its customers and steel suppliers.

With their considerable marketing and production experience, they are able to offer first class products and services.


Exposed Suspended Ceilings
The major features that designers and contractors insist are essential for a successful suspended ceiling system grid are Quality Materials, Reliability, Flexibility and Ease of Fitting. Rigidlock metal exposed grid (known to some as Phoenix Rigidlock) has a long established track record of satisfying all these requirements. Rigidlock is available in a wide range of colours, including mirror finish to provide designers with the opportunity to create unique features for their clients.

To view the product range: Download the Rigidlock product PDF.


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